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A lot of people will remember building at least one scale model during their childhood. You started a kit after lunch on a Sunday and finished it before dinner so that you could play with it after you finished eating.

Then at some point between brushing your teeth and going to bed, some of the parts you had painstakingly glued together had likely fallen off. You then binned the model, swearing never again to waste time building a toy that looked very cool, but could not withstand the rigors of adolescent playtime.

For a lot of people, that was their last kit.

Some of us though, kept building. We started with the same childlike fascination as you did. We too broke our models as well when we played. But something about the hobby kept us building. It is our hope that we can share that ‘something’ that has kept us passionate modelers over the years.

Just keep building!

The Fil Scale Models Team

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