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Tamiya 1:35 Israeli Tiran-5

by Andre Palma

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This is the current 1/35 Tamiya Tiran-5 (Kit#35828) backdated to a 1973 Yom Kippur War, Sinai Front example.


Changes and updates include the following:


  • Friulmodel white metal tracks, environment painted, chipped, washed, dusted and given a final dark steel dry brush.

  • RB metal barrels for the main gun (L7/M68) and the .30cal

  • scratch built MG mount from styrene plates, rod and discs, used a part from the Legend Productions Tiran-4 conversion set as a master

  • Academy .30cal receiver, ammo box and ammo cradle

  • Added a rudimentary wading rail from styrene sheet, added raised fins to the rear deck grille as well

  • Adjusted the lay out of the turret storage boxes, grab handles and fuel tanks.

  • Modified the commanders' and loader's hatches

  • Aerials from metal guitar sting, annealed to allow for shaping

  • A base coat of 1973 IDF sand, custom mixed, as recommended on

  • Fuel lines, lamp wiring and some grab handles from copper wire

  • Tow cables made from stranded copper wire, frayed

  • 1973 style rear hammock, made from the two fuel drums found in the kit. mounted onto the rear deck on styrene pegs.

  • Air recognition flag from kleenex dipped in 50/50 PVA and water.

  • Added the chamfer on the turret's lower edge

  • Leaky grease ports added to front idler wheels

  • 109xxx-tzahal serial adopted fro a 1967 captured vehicle in IDF service.



Painted with Tamiya Acrylics thinned with Gunze Lacquer Thinner, over a dark gray primer coat, in a detail modulation sytle.


Chipped, washed, filtered, faded, dusted with AK-Interactive, Windsor and Newton Oils and Vallejo products.


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Things that were missed:

  • Older 'T' type mine roller attachments on the left and right top corners of the front glacis

  • The flag holder

She's not perfect, but I would like to thank Mr. Andy Taylor (Mr. T-55) for pointing me in the right direction. Col. Michael Maas of the Yad La-Shiryon for taking the time to answer questions he's probably answered a hundred times before. :) Miguel Jimenez Martin as well for generously sharing his techniques and vision.




Andre Palma





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