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HobbyBoss 1/48 Rafale C

by Nath Andrade

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The 1/48 Hobby Boss Rafale C was bought in early 2011 but I did not start working on it until around April 2012.  I started with the weapons, landing gears, external fuel tanks, exhaust cans and other sub-assemblies.  The kit comes with only one paint scheme and the decals needed.  I was planning on getting an aftermarket decal for this model to make it more interesting.

I also considered a what-if Philippine Air Force scheme but finally decided that an all-black model in my collection will stand out just fine.   As with all delta wing aircrafts I made, this is a sure tail sitter unless you put in enough nose weight.  I used around 3 2-inch nails for this model for a change and it did its job.  I used minimal putty where the wings assembly meets the fuselage. 

Tamiya and Gunze acrylics were used in painting this model which I completed in a breeze.  The kit decals was enough to make the assembled kit alive.  No decal instructions were included for the fuel tanks and the weapons.  A little research from the internet was enough to get an idea on the weapons decal placements.  I attached the weapons to the aircraft using black Blu-tack.  After 3-1/2 years of having this model in my stash I finally have the Hobby Boss Black Rafale C join my 1/48 collection.



Photos and Text by:

Nath Andrade



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