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Tamiya 1:48 Mitsubishi Ki-46 III Type 100 (Dinah)

by Tony Feredo

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Mitsubishi Ki-46 III Type 100 (Dinah)
2nd Hiko Sentai based at Licanan Airfield
Mindanao, Philippines
May – June 1944


Built OOB and other than some slight fit issues inside the fuselage and canopies, assembly was straightforward.

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The leading edge yellow IFF , propeller warning stripes and tail markings of the 2nd Hiko Sentai were masked and painted. I used a combination of Tamiya and Gunze paints.



Although a Japanese Army Air Force Unit, the 2nd Hiko Sentai was placed under Japanese Navy command to assist convoy escorts from the Philippines to Celebes and Borneo. The unit was using a number of airfields in Mindanao (Licanan Airfield being one of them) from May – June 1944 when it was assigned this task.




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Tony Feredo



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