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GWH 1:48 P-61A Black Widow

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This is the GWH (formerly known as Great Wall Hobby) 1:48 P-61A Black Widow.  The model was built straight out of the box with minimal modifications.



The kit comes with a photo etch plate for seatbelt and engine parts.


The photo etch seatbelts during the assembly of the seats. 

You can actually modify the position of the belts.


The cockpit was painted with US interior green while details were picked off using Vallejo and Tamiya paints.




The dials of the instrument panels were individual decals.


The Radar Boss section.


The clear parts actually fit well except for the lower windscreen that had a small gap and alignment problem to the nose. A styrene plastic strip was applied to the gap and was blended to the nose with filler.


The gap and mis-alignment to the nose encircled in blue


Styrene strip added and blended with putty later.


The kit supplied 20mm guns.  Too bad when in a closed

position,only the portruding barrels will be shown.


The non cockpit internal parts such as gun bays and wheel wells were painted with zinc chromate yellow.


The kit allows for the flaps to be posed on a dropped position. 

The airbrakes are represented in photo etch.


The kit has the option for you to pose the flaps in a dropped on in flight position.  The airbrakes in the top wings are represented thru photo etch parts and can be posed in a deployed or closed position.  Since the model will be displayed with the landing gears down, the flaps were dropped and the airbrakes posed in a closed position which is typically seen in actual parked P-61s.  The only drawback is that the kit does not supply the nose weight as this has to be acquired separately.



After the model was primed, it was painted with Tamiya acrylic XF-13 Neutral Grey for the undersides and Gunze Mr. Color lacquer #304 Olive drab for the upper surfaces.  The propellers were painted with Mr. Color #92 Semi Gloss Black and the radome was given a mist of Tamiya X-19 Smoke.



Decals registered very well.  The radar can still be

seen inside the smoke misted clear radome


The kit supplied masks for the canopy but it was not used as most them had alignment issues with he canopy frame.  The canopy was masked using a combination of Tamiya yellow tape and Humbrol Maskol.



The entire model was airbrushed with clear in preparation for decal applications.  The decals registered well and was applied without any problems.  The red wing warning lines came as separate pieces and need to be carefully placed in sections.  After decals and stencils application, the model was sealed with another clear coat.  An enamel wash was applied  to accent the panel lines and the excess were removed with cotton swabs soaked in enamel thinner.


Kit parts are well molded.  The details of the landing gear

show very well after applying a wash.



Overall the GWH P-61A Black Widow is a very good kit.  Beginners may find the photo etch parts tricky to apply but the entire model builds together very well with minimal adjustments. 


Happy Modeling!


The Fil Scale Team





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