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HobbyBoss 1:35 4.7 cm L/43 PaK(t) auf Panzerkampfwagen Renault R35(f)

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Imagine the excitement when the Filscalemodels team got a test shot from Hobbyboss simply labelled R-35. The idea of a new tool release of this very important French light infantry tank was making us giddy. Such is not our luck, well at least not yet (more to be explained later) Our faces took on a look of puzzlement when we saw the parts for a boxy, hull mounted superstructure and what seemed to be the likeness of a German 4,7cm PaK amongst the sprues.



Before someone could ask what the hell this was, the laptop keys went a-clicking. Thank heavens for Google.


The 4,7 cm L/43 PaK(t) auf Panzerkampfwagen Renault R35(f) (the Wehrmacht designation peeps can and should correct us on this as we are SURE the name was even longer), was a variant of the Panzerjaeger I based on the captured Renault R35 chassis. And boy, oh boy, did they capture a lot of these little 30's designed tanks.



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Nine tan sprues, a decent PE fret and two link and length sprues will make up the contents of this soon to be released kit. This looks like a lot of parts of a tank about the size of a Panzer I but it seems the 4,7cm PaK and the superstructure details will provide many extra hours of enjoyment aside from the basic R35 hull, tracks and running gear that will have to be tackled. Molding is crisp and the rivet and panel details are decent.

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Fans of the original R35 should not be too dismayed that this adaptation came out before the original. The PE fret that came with the test shot is labelled as coming from kit#83806, one serial number lower than the this modified war prize. It may just be a print error for the PE fret, but good money says a standard R35 is in the works as well.





Happy Modeling!


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