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Trumpeter 1:35 Soviet 85mm 52-K AA Gun

Test Shots







Fil Scale Models is privileged to be provided with a test shot of Trumpeter Models forthcoming 1:35 scale Soviet 85mm AA 52-K AA Gun.


There are eight (8) sprues all molded in a light brown styrene plastic.  The main gun mount (see below) is molded as a separate piece:



It also comes with a photo etch sheet for the parts of the gun and carriage:



...and clear parts:



and four (4) vinyl rubber wheels.



Details are crisp and layout of parts in their respective part numbers are clear.  The barrel comes in halves with the breech block as a separate part as well as the muzzle.  The carriage and recoil cylinder are also molded in halves.  Details of the gun cradle are nice and it comes with a perforated seat and platform.



The sample kit did not come with an instruction manual but for those who are familiar with artillery models they can make out the general parts and where they go together.


Overall this kit will be welcome news to Soviet based subjects and artillery enthusiasts.


Happy Modeling!


Fil Scale Models Team




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