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Since the Type 90 is starting to show its age, and with its inability to be fully-equipped with the latest in weaponry, ammunition, and onboard equipment, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Defense to produce prototypes of Japan's latest MBT, the Type 10 (named as such after its official announcement in 2010).


Though smaller in size, the Type 10 is an improvement over the Type 90 with its locally produced 44-caliber 120mm smoothbore main gun that gives penetration power comparable to that of Germany's Leopard 2.  Weighing in at only 44 tons, the Type 10 can reach speeds of 70 km/h.



Tamiya has produced a very-detailed model of the JGSDF's latest main battle tank, the Type 10, in 1/35 scale.  With parts crisply-done and free from flash or evident seam lines, the few ejector pin marks that can be seen are either shallow and can be easily cleaned up or will be hidden altogether once construction is complete.  




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The model is composed of 5 major sprues, 1 lower hull, a pair of flexible tracks that can be glued using cement, 1 transparent plastic plate for the numerous vision blocks, mesh for the turret basket and headlight screen guard, poly caps, and decals for 3 marking options.  One exceptional thing that Tamiya did was that they molded the tires/bogey wheels with sprue connectors attached to the lip/edge of each wheel, thus eliminating the need for tedious cleaning during assembly.  Also of note is the realistic molding done on the rubber mud guards and side skirts.  With two realistic figures included, the kit can be optionally modeled into a vignette/diorama setting.      





Like with their recent armor releases, this latest offering from Tamiya can be built quickly and with ease because of the low parts count and exceptional engineering invested by them.


Highly recommended to fans of modern armor.


Happy Modeling!


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